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The first and only product to directly treat opiod withdrawl , helping you make it through the worst part!

    • Reduces Fatigue Incredibly
    • Curbs Flu-like Symptoms
    • Manages Mood Swings
    • Makes Aches and Pains Manageable
    • Controls Restlessness

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The First Medication That Directly Curbs Opiod Withdrawl , Allowing Patients To Break Opiod Dependance Without Relapse.

Incredibly Effective

Within one hour of ingestion, EasyWD begins to take control. You will immediatley see shakes , body pains and even stomach aches begin to settle down.

Simple Dosing

EasyWD lasts for up to 12 hours per dose. Yes you read correctly.One Tablet = Relief For 12 Hours!

All Natural

We use multiple herbs & botanicals. We even use Adrafinil. Rockrose , CBD. Each chemical is listed on the product. Unfortunately we cannot list all for patent safety right now.

How Does It Work?


We have created a rapid acting pharmaceutical which acts on certain specific neurons required for multiple things including the nervous system. The combination of Adrafinil with Rock rose and other extracts , blended together using a patent pending technology allowing each charchater of the chemical to blend. Creating a incredibly powerful medication. .

Superb Pain Management

  • Makes Aches and Pains Manageable
  • Controls Restlessness
  • Unable To Get Up?

  • Reduces Fatigue Incredibly! (Reduction to the point where you actually feel it)
  • 92% Of Our Clients Report A Complete Shatter Of Laziness & Muscle Pain For 12 hours.
  • Feeling Sick & Moody?

  • Curbs Flu-like Symptoms
  • Manages Mood Swings
  • What is in EasyWD?

    EasyWD Contains Herbal Extracts & Adrafinil (Patent Pending)

    Modafinil Plus Pure Passionflower & Rock Rose Extract Relax The Nervous System Whilst Boosting The Energy & Helping Feelings Of Slowness And Lethargy.

    Pricing Table


    We have studied the current state of opiod addiction and withdrawl in order to determine three packages. A package consists of a certain amount of medication depending on how severe the addiction is.



    • One Box Of EasyWD
    • 30 Tablets
    • Complete E-mail support



    • Three Boxes Of EasyWD
    • 90 Tablets
    • Complete E-mail support



    • Five Boxes Of EasyWD
    • 150 Tablets
    • Complete E-mail support